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To subscribe to Poem of the Week's free e-mail list simply enter your name and e-mail address in the boxes below. In order to insure that all subscription requests are valid, you will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to confirm your subscription. The poems should arrive approximately weekly from the address potw@potw.org. If you subscribed using the automated form, you may unsubscribe from the list at any time simply by using the same form. In any case you may also unsubscribe simply by e-mailing editor@potw.org with the subject line unsubscribe.

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This service is free of charge and your e-mail address is not shared with any other subscribers. We do not distribute the addresses to any other sources or use them for any purpose other than distributing the poems.

Submissions of original poetry may be sent to editor@potw.org. We make no claims of ownership and you maintain any and all copyrights to such work, except that by submitting an original work of your own to us you are giving us permission to perpetually display in the Poem of the Week archive and to send it by e-mail to our subscribers during the week it is originally selected for. No other reproduction rights are granted to us by your submission. No guarantee of if or when the poems will be used is given or implied, and we are generally unable to respond with specific comments. If at anytime before a poem has been used you wish to rescind its submission simply e-mail the above address saying so. Please include your full name as well as year of birth along with the poem. You may also include an e-mail or html address to be listed after your name if you so desire. The submitted poems used so far are: She, Three Words, "wreath of misty breathy words of...", Four Generations, October is Speaking, The Office, and Fall in the Northland.

Suggestions as to poems you would like to see may also be submitted to editor@potw.org. In general we are only seeking suggestions for the names of poets we have not already featured, and poems which are appropriate for the particular time of year (i.e. start of school, holidays, etc.) Including title of an anthology or collection containing it is greatly appreciated. We make no guarantees that the suggestion will be used or credited, and we are generally unable to act as a poem search service.