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PotW.org originated as a free subscription e-mail list. Due to potential data management issues, beginning May, 25, 2018, we will no longer distribute the poems by e-mail, and will instead use twitter (PotW_Org) and Facebook (Potw.org). Please feel free to find us there! All of the previous e-mail address information has been deleted from our databases.

Submissions of original poetry were previously accepted by PotW.org. Those that were selected include: She, Three Words, "wreath of misty breathy words of...", Four Generations, October is Speaking, The Office, and Fall in the Northland. We are currently unable to accept new submissions.

Suggestions of poems you would like to see may also be submitted to editor@potw.org. In general we are only seeking suggestions for the names of poets we have not already featured, and poems which are appropriate for the particular time of year (i.e. start of school, holidays, etc.) Including title of an anthology or collection containing it is greatly appreciated. We make no guarantees that the suggestion will be used or credited, and we are generally unable to act as a poem search service.